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The Most Difficult Word in the World

  • Date:
    25 May 2022
  • Author:
    Rolene Strauss

Allow me to tell you about the most difficult word in the world. This word possesses power and authority. It can stop most people in their tracks, offend a few individuals, and command respect when used appropriately. It took me 28 years to learn to say it, and I still struggle to say it every other day.

You’ve guessed it. The most difficult word in the world (for me) is NO.

How many times have you said yes when you meant no? Since a very young age, I have been suffering from what some people call “the disease to please”; I find it difficult to say no and think I am offending someone. I can recall multiple times when I’ve been exploited when saying yes and learned a few hard lessons. When saying no became more manageable, it also led to lessons learned…

I’ve realised that constantly fearing exploitation is more damaging than exploitation itself. The walls I’ve started building for self-protection also became walls of self-imprisonment.

​Here are 7 things I’d love for us to remember when choosing whether to say yes or no:

#1: Yes is a doorway that can be used by the good or the bad.

#2: No is a wall, and this wall can keep out the good or the bad.

#3: Identify a small circle or environment filled with complete trust and integrity where you can say yes without exploitation.

#4: Foresee difficult situations where you know you would want to say no and practise saying no in front of the mirror.

#5: Saying no is not equal to being rude.

#6: If you find it difficult to say no, surround yourself with people who can say no on your behalf.

#7: Pray for the wisdom to know when to say yes and no.

​How will you decide what to say yes to and what to say no to?

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