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Become the Queen God created you to be

Rolene’s passion is using her life experiences and background as a woman, wife, mother, transformational coach, entrepreneur, author, and Miss World 2014, to help you to take control of your life and become the queen God created you to be.

Welcome Dearest Friend

Navigating the world, let alone life as a woman, can be very challenging. We, my dear friend, need all the help we can get! Despite learning various life lessons the hard way, I have personally discovered so many pearls of wisdom from mentors, role models, and random strangers.

The one thing I am sure of is that it becomes easier when we face life together. I see my website as a safe space for us to explore, discover and face the challenges and beauty of life together. You can use my website as your close friend, a friend you can turn to when in need, or when you want to embrace your true, most confident and authentic self.

Here’s to becoming the queens God created us to be!


  • “One word to describe Rolene would have to be caring.”

    “When you talk to her and see her more you can see how caring she is as a person but of course, she doesn’t let that caring factor get in the way of how hard-working she is or how she is a boss-woman, always ready to take control of her dreams and her goals. What I really love about Rolene is that she is a hard worker and when she sets her mind to something she makes sure she does it and she does it well.”

    – Megan Young
    (Filipino-American actress, television presenter and Miss World 2013)
  • “Rolene, I am so very proud of you…”

    “Every challenge we set, every journey we took, Rolene embodied every quality we could possibly ask for. She truly is an inspirational woman. Rolene will always be part of our Miss World family. We have shared so much and now I love hearing about her new journey as a mother and author. Rolene, I am so very proud of you and I can’t wait to hear about the next exciting chapter of your life.”

    – Julia Morley
    (Chairperson & CEO of the Miss World Organisation)
  • “Rolene is true and kind, and has a lot of empathy.”

    “What I like about Rolene is that she’s all sorts of people in one person, BUT there’s always the consistent real Rolene that shines through. She has always been consistent in terms of how hard she works and how she inspires people from all walks of life. I admire how she does everything with humility and elegance that goes way beyond wearing a sash or tiara.”

    – Jo-Ann Strauss
    (Businesswoman, Public Speaker, Presenter, and Miss South Africa 2001)
  • “Rolene’s word is her honour.”

    “Rolene is not only beautiful, but she is also extremely hard working and driven. This, I believe, is the reason why she achieves so much in her life. Living close to her Creator and being open about her beliefs make her a fantastic role model and leader. Rolene gives advice and guidance in a soft, firm way, and even though she is someone whom people look up to, she stays down to earth and humble. I love the way that she can laugh at herself and admit her mistakes and flaws. This makes her real.”

    – Venessa Schoeman
    (Voelgoed Media, Brand Director)
  • “Rolene stayed humble despite all her success.”

    “I remember the day Rolene was crowned like it was yesterday. I was in London at the time and was so excited for her to win. I even had tears in my eyes. Meeting Rolene in later years was wonderful. Especially to see the type of person she is, always staying humble and a people-person. On a professional level, she has a way of explaining her knowledge and know-how so that everyone can understand, and in a way that people can relate to. The most important for me is that she is such an amazing mom to her kids and wife to her husband.”

    – Minki van der Westhuizen
    (People-loving South African Influencer and Presenter)

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