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Rolene enjoys collaborating with brands and businesses that are aligned with her brand and values. These include faith, family, mindfulness, and health (physical health, mental health, self-care and beauty).

Why Collaborate with Rolene?

Rolene is often described as professional, knowledgeable, driven, consistent, punctual, kind, gracious, elegant, truthful, caring and willing to go the extra mile. Brands and businesses love collaborating with her and her authentic brand.

Various collaborations could include social media partnerships, face-of-the-brand agreements, or affiliate marketing.

Rolene also has a very strong and engaging social media following.


  • “Rolene has been instrumental at putting the Gary Rom brand on the map.”

    “As an ambassador she has been a role model to many, her social media exposure has helped us to broaden our footprint. Rolene is a lifetime ambassador for my brand, and I could not be prouder to have her in my corner. Humbled and honoured I am to have met her and to be part of her journey.”

    – Gary Rom
    (Owner & Founder of Gary Rom Hairdressing)
  • “Rolene is passionate to make a real “connection” with people.”

    “What I most admire is Rolene’s discipline. Motivation is not always “available” to achieve goals and objectives, but, discipline is. Rolene’s discipline and dedication are the very signatures of her commitment to achieving small and big goals.”

    – Dr. Judey Pretorius
    (Founder & Biomedical Scientist at BioMedical Emporium)
  • “Rolene operates with passion and confidence which is contagious.”

    “Rolene’s sense of style and taste is something we wanted our brand to be associated with. Our brand not only gained a lot of credibility through her but encouraged people to trust in it. We are a much bigger success story because of her willingness to uplift, promote and complement our brand.”

    – Elri Smith
    (Interior Designer at Pencil & Oak)
  • “Since working with Rolene I can definitely notice an increase in sales!”

    “I have noticed even a year down the line I still have people coming to ask to do a custom piece and work with me, and Rolene had influenced them to come to me. I got quite a lot of followers compared to other celebrities that I’ve used before. I haven’t really had as much traction as I did with Rolene.”

    – Kelly Jay Maughan
    (Owner of Kelly Jay Jewellery)
  • “Rolene stays down to earth and humble.”

    “Even though she is someone whom people look up to, Rolene stays down to earth and humble. I love the way that she can laugh at herself and admit her mistakes and flaws. This makes her real.”

    – Venessa Schoeman
    (Voelgoed Media Brand Director)

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