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Rolene’s Services

Rolene values hard work, dedication, discipline and respect. She gives her everything in everything she does, from coaching and speaking to collaborating with brands and businesses that share her values and work ethic.


  • “Rolene is a kind-hearted, sincere and humble woman. She is passionate to make a real “connection” with people.”

    – Dr. Judey Pretorius
    (Founder & Biomedical Scientist at Biomedical Emporium)
  • “Rolene’s fierce resolve and never say die attitude is what I most admire.”

    – Gary Rom
    (Owner & Founder of Gary Rom Hairdressing)
  • “I am excited about any venture that she puts her energy into and I hope to work with her in the future.”

    – Jo-Ann Strauss
    (Businesswoman, Public Speaker, Presenter, and Miss South Africa 2001)

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