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Success leaves clues. Rolene has learnt various life lessons the hard way and has personally discovered pearls of wisdom and success clues from mentors, role models, and random strangers. Rolene is very fond of reading and writing and sees her blogs as a way to share her thoughts and learnings with you.

How D’Niel and I made our 6-year long-distance relationship work

27 September 2022
So, after prayer and a never-ending search, you finally found that special someone. But due to unforeseen circumstances, you end […]

5-Day Couples Bonding Challenge

27 June 2022
On the 25th of November 2017, in the heat of the South African summer, I was in complete ecstasy and […]

7 Steps to Create an Impactful Speech

15 June 2022
I wish someone had shared these public speaking tips with me long ago! Communication is one of the most valuable […]

How to deal with anxiety

10 June 2022
Anxiety is a regular guest in most of our homes. And yes, anxiety can be normal at times – like […]

5 Tips on How to Multitask in Real Life

3 June 2022
When I was younger, the term ‘multitasking’ conjured up a vision of a professional woman in a pin-striped suit sitting […]

The Most Difficult Word in the World

25 May 2022
Allow me to tell you about the most difficult word in the world. This word possesses power and authority. It […]

How to say no without being ‘negative’

11 May 2022
There are times I have to do something that most mothers loathe to do – to spend the weekend away […]

Self-discipline | What 9-year-old Rolene taught me

9 April 2022
I want to tell you a little story about 9-year-old Rolene… When I was in primary school, I struggled with […]

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