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Rolene’s Speaking

Rolene is on a quest to empower women to become the queens of their own lives, despite the world telling them what they should and shouldn’t be. Her keynotes and seminars address the difficulties most women face daily on a practical and relatable level.

A Keynote By Rolene

Rolene’s background as a wife, mother, graduated medical doctor, transformative self-confidence coach, master’s student in philosophy and coaching (Cum Laude), author, entrepreneur, businesswoman, Miss South Africa and Miss World 2014 contributes to her credibility and skill as an excellent public speaker.

Rolene is on a quest to help women take control of and become the queens of their own lives. Her personal struggle with self-confidence and trying to live up to society’s expectations guarantees relatability and an instant connection with the audience. Her keynotes and seminars address the difficulties most women face daily on a practical and relatable level.

Women walk away as part of the “Queen of your Life” movement, inspired, motivated and more equipped to embrace their authentic selves and reach their full potential. Rolene shares personal stories and brings about change with practical step by step methods and how to’s.

Rolene is not only a public speaker but a transformational self-confidence coach. She shares common difficulties, as well as a common goal with her clients; living a self-confident, purpose-driven life, balancing time, and reaching her full potential in the midst of constantly being measured by society’s version of the ‘Perfect Woman’.

Rolene’s keynote topics include talks about self-confidence, authentic leadership, time management, relationships and communication, being a mother of sons, mindfulness, and well-being. All of her topics can be tailored to specific enquiries.


  • “Rolene has always been absolutely consistent in terms of how she works hard and how she inspires people from all walks of life.”

    – Jo-Ann Strauss
    (Businesswoman, Public Speaker, Presenter, and Miss South Africa 2001)
  • “Living close to her Creator and being open about her beliefs makes Rolene a fantastic role model and leader.”

    – Venessa Schoeman
    (Voelgoed Media Brand Director)
  • “Rolene has a way of explaining her knowledge and know-how so that everyone can understand and in a way that people can relate to.”

    – Minki van der Westhuizen
    (People-loving South African Influencer and Presenter)

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