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About Rolene

Rolene’s passion is using her life experiences and background as a woman, wife, mother, transformational coach, entrepreneur, author, and Miss World 2014, to help you to take control of your life and become the queen God created you to be.

My Story

Hi, I’m Rolene and I value faith, family, health, and mindfulness.

I’ve faced many a day where society’s version of the perfect woman measured all aspects of my being. I lost my self-confidence and when it finally broke me, I prayed, travelled, studied and did months of research to equip myself to take control of my life and become the queen of my own life. I realised anew that my identity does not lie in a crown, a sash, a degree or a title. It lies in who God created me to be. I stopped listening to what the world told me to be, re-centred myself and went on a pursuit to become who God wants me to be. It’s not about wearing a physical crown, but an eternal crown 👑.

Being a wife, mom of two boys, coach and entrepreneur brings about so much beauty but also challenges and identity confusion. Getting to know my true authentic self, finding my life purpose, developing my confidence, managing my time and staying healthy have all played a remarkable role in reaching my God-given potential.

I share the challenge of constantly being measured against perfect, not feeling good enough, and struggling to gain the confidence to live my full purpose with thousands of women. I am on a quest to equip you to also take control of your life and become the queen God created you to be. Are you in?

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