The Miracle Of Growth

The air is filled with excitement and anxiousness. When the little miracle gave her first cry, the theatre felt drenched with life, soil, sunshine and rain all at once. The soil waiting to be fruitful, sunshine waiting to shine and the rain waiting to provide growth.

I might as well call this new born baby; 2014. She is here, ready for growth, value, opportunities and life. Life is like the seasons, we can’t control the environment, but we can change ourselves, our personal philosophies, attitudes and lifestyles.

  • We need to learn how to handle the winters. A new born baby cries and leaves dirty nappies. Life has difficulties, challenges and cold times. We can’t wish away the winter, but we can get wiser, stronger and better. Acquire the skills you need to overcome the challenges ahead.
  • We should take advantage of spring. Seeds should be planted when the soil is most fertile. Opportunities will continue to rise; you need to be ready for amazing opportunities this year and prepared to make the most of them.
  • Summer is the time to nourish the good like a mother and protect against the bad, like a father. The garden needs to be watered and the weeds removed. Nourish yourself with food for thought; take care of your body, your temple. Protect yourself against harmful things.
  • Autumn will be the time to reap. Jim Rohn said: “What you have at the moment, you have attracted by the person you have become.” If you change, everything will change for you. You will reap the fruit of the seeds you have planted.
Nourish your new born baby, your new beginning, your 2014. Use the miracles, the soil, the sunshine, the rain, and the inevitable blessings to grow, learn, and become the valued person you want to be.

The air is filled with excitement and anxiousness, your miracle, 2014, just gave her first cry…