Make life sweeter

After watching the Food Channel, I couldn’t keep the chef inside of me from just bursting out. I saw the delicate dish in my mind; I tasted the different flavours dancing and already felt the textures melting in my mouth. My mom used to say that I received a lot of talents, but cooking and baking wasn’t necessarily one of them. Today is the day I will surprise my loved ones with the dinner of their lives…

At 22:30, the kitchen looked like an art studio and my apron like the canvas. I felt the ‘Master Chef’ inside of me disappear little by little. Dinner was served either way (still a bit raw) and to my surprise, my family thought it tasted heavenly.

To have a mind is to have the capacity to think, feel and experience. The mind is ambiguous – a matter of perception. In life we are the perceivers. Situations with the exact same outcomes can be perceived and experienced differently; a difficult exam can be seen as the lecturers’ way of creating an opportunity to reach a goal. Traffic can be seen as a learning experience, a chance to learn patience.

A study on the mind and perception by Kurt Gray showed that the experience of someone depends on his/her perception of the other person’s intention. My still-raw-dinner tasted heavenly because my family knew my intentions and could taste the love in it.

It is true that our experiences depend on the intentions of others, but others’ intentions also depend on our perception. It is quite simple; Change the intentions by changing your perception and have a different experience.

Give others the benefit of the doubt and life wouldn’t just seem, but actually be sweeter.