Like Lightning

The sky gave a cry of victory, roared and lit up the horizon as if throwing its hands up in the air. I could smell the satisfaction of the thirsty ground gulping down the pouring rain. Overwhelmed by all my senses, I saw a beautiful personification of nature. I saw the picture of a resilient individual running a marathon, working towards a goal, persevering and at last; giving a cry of victory as he or she achieves what they’ve been working for.

This reminded me of a question I often ask myself; “Who is more likely to achieve long term goals?” I recently watched a talk of Angela Lee Duckworth on TED. She did various studies and believes (and I absolutely agree with her) that your ability to do well in life is not necessarily based on your intelligence, talents, the way you look or your people skills. You are more likely to do well in life if you are gritty.

Grit is the passion for a particular long term goal, coupled with extraordinary motivation and perseverance to achieve that objective. Grit gives you the driving force or ‘woema’ (as we say in Afrikaans) to overcome obstacles, stick to the future and run a marathon not a sprint, until that future becomes a reality. Grit is not a physical thing; it is having a growth mind-set and starts from a psychological- motivational perspective.

Gritty people are like lightning; they have electrically charged regions – their passion and their goal. When they align their thoughts, goals and inner power, they fiercely discharge with a constant strike of motivation and perseverance until their future becomes their reality. Gritty people live a quality life of victory and satisfaction. They light up the world with hope, creativity and passion.

There is not a better time than now to get gritty; get to know yourself and your aspirations, get motivated, persevere and become like lightning. What are you waiting for?